A few of our happily healed customers using our secret blend we call RMG CBD Oil.

Three Years in the making, with many more testimonials coming!

What an amazing turnaround for me

I fractured my ankle in may 2021 and at 54 years old it’s a slow recovery. 3 months later and I got the walking cast off but in constant pain every step and it was really effecting my work and exercise routines. I decided to try RMG CBD using 7 ml each day before bed, I find it hard to explain to people that in 10 days I was back to doing hour long boot camps 3 days a week (Yes 3 days a week one hour each burpie!), Jump squats, Planks, Fast fee. All that stuff I couldn’t do before I can dominate thanks to RMG CBD and walk now without any pain at all in any joints. I sleep better. I just feel better. Period.

Joseph Langley B.C.

It has become a part of my day!

I’ve worked with horses most of my life. On and off the ground. Over the years I have developed arthritis in my hips and feet. I find both become achy and painful. Especially at night. I’ve tried Tylenol or Ibuprofen, neither one helped. I started taking 1ml of RMG CBD Oil at noon and then another 1ml of RMG CBD Oil before bed. Before long, I noticed I did not have any achiness or pain when I stood up. It soon became easier to get back to sleep and moving around in the morning, isn’t so painful anymore!
The RMG CBD Oil is so easy to use. Using the measured dropper, I take 1ml of oil around noon and 1ml again just before bed. I don’t feel so much achiness anymore. And less pain. If I ever forget to take my RMG CBD Oil, my body reminds me!

Jodi K.

I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from arthritis!

I am a retired laborer and pastry chef. As long as I can remember, I worked with a knife in my hand. Either in a fish plant or a kitchen. All the jobs I did required using my hands. Many times repetition caused me problems. Most certainly the cause of my arthritis.

I began taking 2ml of RMG CBD Oil, once in the morning and another 1ml of oil again at night. After a couple of weeks, I noticed the swelling in my knuckles had gone down. I realized I wasn’t having as much pain as I was before. In both of my hands! The throbbing I normally had was gone too. Now that I feel the results of taking it daily, I never skip a day! So easy to use and it has become a part of my daily regime. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from arthritis!

Shirley F.

It takes away the aches and pains of neuropathy away and gives me great relief through out my day!

I am currently working as a house cleaner. I usually work 3-5 days per week. I have neuropathy in my feet. I am on medication for it. It was suggested to me to try the RMG CBD Oil. I find my feet sometimes are sore part way through my work day. It turns out, the RMG CBD Oil is beneficial as it does bridge a gap, therefore I take less medication. I love that!

I take 1ml of RMG CBD Oil, along with my other medications, in the morning (does not interfere with other medications). I take another 1ml of RMG CBD Oil around mid-day or after work. It takes away the aches and pains of neuropathy away and gives me great relief throughout my day!

Linda C.

I have been given the ability to go back to living a normal life thanks to my continuing to take CBD oil.

I have been given the ability to go back to living a normal life thanks to my continuing to take CBD oil.
About a little over two years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer did radiation therapy and it cleared cancer at the same time I started taking CBD oil. Every three months I get tested for my PSA level. It was at 150, in the last two years it has dropped real fast from 150 to a level that outstands my urologist and all my doctors. It is now at 0.01 and still dropping. The RMG CBD oil has given me the ability to gain the weight back and the energy that was lost. In other words, go back to living a normal life which would’ve been a different – no life at all – thanks to my continuing intake of RMG CBD oil. I am in better health and feel great and I am very impressed with RMG CBD it’s all-natural and I am grateful for it and that I’m thankful for my friend Alfie he has made my life whole again.


Helped to heal my 3rd degree burns over 18% of my body!

Three and a half years ago, I suffered 3rd degree burns over my head face and arms. I was in bandages that had to be changed twice a week for three years. My burns were infected and I was on a different antibiotic every three months. I started using the RMG CBD oil topically and within 4 weeks my bandages were off and my skin had closed over the wounds.

Mrs Kooner Surrey BC!

Problem: fine wrinkles, dry skin, age spots/uneven skin tone, enlarged pores

Within 2 weeks of using the RMG CBD face oil I noticed my skin is more supple, pores became smaller and my skin feels velvety. Within a month there is a noticeable difference, skin tone is vibrant, smooth and wrinkles are mostly gone. People have commented that I’m looking great (instead of looking tired)😊


Help with my arthritis!

“It helps my arthritis. I use 1 ml 3 x a day. I rarely use Tylenol anymore!!”

Cheryl F.

Does not interfere with other medication I take.

“Because of my Crohn’s Disease I have to take other medications. I take 1-2 ml a day as needed. It does not interfere with my meds.”


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