About Reeferman Genetics

Reeferman Genetics™ represents a World Best collection of heritage land race and modern medicinal cannabis seed genetics. Reeferman Genetics is a member of the Old School Breeders Association that includes esteemed and accomplished master bud breeders from across the globe. Between them they have over a century in collective years of selecting and breeding fine cannabis. Many of the strains accredited to members are multi-Cup winners, including the prestigious Cannabis Cup. Reeferman Genetics is no exception in this discerning membership. We have been active in breeding superior cannabis seeds for decades now with accolades.

Cannabis Cup Winner

Willie Nelson, as an example, is a favorite strain amongst cannabis connoisseurs, as well as being a Cannabis Cup winner. The exotic South East Asian heritage was thought to be lost forever. It is alive and well today as the back bone in a number of medicinal cannabis seed varieties offered by Reeferman Genetics.

Veteran tokers & growers, and those looking for forms of therapeutic cannabis simply not available anywhere else tell us they appreciate the effort. Diverse Cannabinoid profiles and Terpines have been well preserved. They are awaiting discovery for those seeking resin profiles simply not attainable in strains found at your neighborhood dispensary.

Cannabis Seeds

We are often noted for offering rare land race strain heritage cannabis seeds (pre ’69 Cambodian, Vietnam Black, and Highland Columbian to name a few more). Modern growers and commercial croppers love the improvements Reeferman Genetics has painstakingly engineered into their seed breeding program. Through careful testing and natural selection backed with laboratory analytical capabilities. No artificial chemical processes are used to produce seeds to preserve genetic integrity.

Reeferman Genetics at great time and expense uses Gas Chromatography analysis. Jus one of the steps in selecting male and female cannabis plants in each of our breeding programs to produce medicinal cannabis seeds through natural processes.

Whether seeking a rock hard budded THC thumping fast producer like our flagship strain Early Purple Kush, or deeply therapeutic relief from one of our carefully bred and selected High CBD varieties, your satisfaction is always backed by our One Hundred Percent Guarantee. Whether it’s germination rates or number of females per pack of naturally produced seeds, we know you will be delighted.

Medical Cannabis Strains

At Reeferman Genetics we take pride in our love for the medicinal cannabis strains we offer. All are backed by our hard earned reputation and it shows in all of our medicinal cannabis the creations. Reeferman Genetics is all about great customer support and satisfaction. Count on us for guaranteed delivery anywhere in the deliverable Universe. We are available by phone during regular business hours to answer any of your questions or order inquiries. No unreturned emails either when you choose Reeferman Genetics, a name many have grown to trust.

At Reeferman Genetics, you can be sure we constantly are working with our affiliates like Monster Seed Breeders, Nevil Seeds, Dr. Atomic and others. When it comes time to choose seeds for your next cannabis crop, the possibilities are exciting and diverse. We like to get excited about our seed collection, it has taken decades for us to put together. We guarantee that you will be equally excited with the results you achieve from any of our naturally produced high quality medicinal cannabis seed strains.